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Legendary Egypt Nile River Cruises . . .

Egypt is the land in which civilization was nurtured. Steeped in history, it evokes memories of a glorious past. For millenniums, Egypt was and still is the cradle of civilization; it's rich in history and monuments proof of the heritage of humanity. En-route between Aswan and Luxor sightseeing on a Nile River cruise ship is the only way to appreciate the mysteries of Kom Ombo, Edfu and Esna.


Egypt Nile Cruises - Nile River Cruises
Egypt Nile Cruises - Nile River Cruises

The History of the Nile River

The Nile River, longest river in the world, located in northeastern Africa. From its principal source, Lake Victoria, in east central Africa, the Nile flows north through Uganda, Sudan, and Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea, a distance of 5584 kilometers (3470 miles). From its remotest headstream in Burundi, the river is 6,695 kilometers (4,160 miles) long. A traditional Nile river cruise start and end in either Aswan or Luxor (embarkation points) covering a distance of 200 kilometers. To view a map of the Nile cruise route click here.


The river basin covers an area of more than 3,349,000 sq kilometers (more than 1,293,000 square miles). In pre-historic times, primeval forests covered the river banks when the river was a vast swamp composed of rushes, papyrus, and weeds. However, due to thousands of years of human intervention, the Nile throughout Egypt flows peacefully through green fields - looking much like a rich, well cultivated European plain. The Delta, an area of about 10,000 square miles, is a broad swamp intersected by canals. The Mediterranean Sea influences this region bringing a regular winter rainy season. The Upper Nile valley is one great waterway, with insignificantly small irrigation canals scattered along its length. It is much drier than the Delta, with little to no rain. The lack of seasons makes it much easier to cultivate the land in the Upper Nile. Thus it was cultivated first and is much less swampy than the Delta, which is still being converted into arable land.


In Luxor cross the West Bank to the Necropolis of Thebes and Oris, God of the underworld. Venture into the tomb of the Boy King Tut-Ankh-Amun. En-route at Esna, visit the recently excavated temple of god Khnum and then stop over at the Temple of Horus built in commemoration of the battle between Horus and his brother Set. Further down the river the Temple of Kom Ombo is dedicated to the crocodile and healer gods. At Aswan wrap up the journey with a ride in a lateen-sailed felucca and a visit to the Temple of Philae dedicated to the Goddess Isis.


About Our Nile River Cruise Ships & Services:

Following is a list of our featured Nile River cruise ships we offer. We personally select each Nile River cruise ship we offer based on stringent quality control standards. We are confident you too will appreciate our selection we discriminately recommend. Sightseeing excursions are included in our Nile River cruises; guided tours in Aswan, Kom Ombo, Edfu and Luxor. Time permitting optional day excursions to Abu Simbel may be included which start and end in Aswan.


We offer Nile River cruises starting from 4 days / 3 nights up to 8 days / 7 nights. The number of days you want to cruise on the Nile River and the Nile River cruise ship you choose will determine the sightseeing excursions in your Nile River cruise. Following is a general list of sightseeing and excursions included for various Nile River cruises:



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Egypt is home to some of world's greatest wonders and some of these treasured sites are situation along the Nile River between Aswan and Luxor.

A trip along the Nile River is like a journey back in time itself. You can travel in comfort on this Pharaonic dynasty making stops at the landmarks of history; your voyage will be a luxurious passage of discovery. Nile river cruises begin in Aswan or Luxor, covering a distance of 200 kilometers.

Throughout your Nile River cruise you will be accompanied by a knowledgeable tour guide who will provide in-depth insights and a comprehensive understanding of the ancient kingdoms.


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